Beautiful Norway: Stryn and Strynsvatn Camping

During Norway trip a few years ago, we decided to split up our trip in two pieces. We stayed at Nærøyfjord for a couple of days as well as in the Nordfjord area. Here, we were invited to stay at Strynsvatn Camping, an offer we gladly accepted. The way up from Fjord Norway to Nord Fjord (yes, we know it sounds confusing) led us through a truly fairytale landscape. We passed glaciers, crystal clear lakes and drove on high mountain rounds.

Entry into Nord Fjord
As some of the fjords in Norway are incredibly long, you will never be very far away from them. With a bit of sadness we left Nærøyfjord behind to travel further up nort, to the Nord Fjord area. We shouldn’t have been sad though because it became immediately clear that this region is just as stunning as we hoped for. After passing the southern glaciers of Jostedalsbreen we entered the Stryn region. The first views of the Nordfjord were stunning and along a windy road we made it down to sea level again. Here we had some great vistas of Innvikfjorden and we were happy to be back at the fjords again.
Looking down into Nord Fjord
Upon arrival at Strynsvatn Campsite we felt comfortable straight away. The owners speak perfect English (such a perk of traveling in Norway) and showed us where to find our cabin. We stayed at a 4 person cabin, with great views of the Stryn Lake right in front of us. After settling in we wanted to go for a hike but instead ended up chatting with our German motorcycle neighbours. Eventually, at about 10pm we decided it was time to get some rest, we had been on the way a full day and were pretty tired.

Our cabin at Strynsvatn Camping
The next day we decided to head out to Strynefjellet and do some sightseeing. In town we heard that Strynefjellet would be open but unfortunately, it turned out to be closed as it still was too early in the season. So instead, we took route number 15 and drove out to Geiranger, one of Norway’s most famous towns. Which we will also write more about later…
Despite the weather not being awesome, the drive was still incredibly stunning. Over some steep zigzags and along Oppljosvatnet we eventually reached national road number 63, the way down into Geiranger. Along the way, the dramatic landscapes reminded us of what we had come to Norway for: nature in its most inspiring way. Frozen lakes were surrounded by snowcapped mountains and only here and there, a sign of spring showed itself to us. We ran into a Dutch guy who had been traveling around this area in his camper for weeks and had been exploring this particular area by foot. How he did that we wondered about as most of the trails were still covered in a thick pack of snow…
After spending the majority of our day in Geiranger, it was time to return to Strynsvatn. As we wanted to go out for dinner at night, we headed into town (approximately 15 minutes from the campsite) but there was no restaurant that looked very appealing so instead we bought burgers and prepared them in our well equipped kitchen. After eating them and of course munching on some cinnamon rolls for dessert, we planned on doing the hike we were advised to do by the owner, which is located just behind the campsite. Unfortunately, it started pouring like crazy so we let it be…The evening before we had already decided we’d definitely come back here one day!

Our kitchen
Instead, we enjoyed a comfortable night on the covered deck of our cabin. Sending whatsapp messages to our Dutch friends (making them jealous with our pictures) and reading books … a perfect way to spend an evening in Norway.
Views on Strynsvatn Lake
If you are heading out to the area around Stryn, we would definitely recommend staying at Strynsvatn Camping. The location is great and much better than staying in town itself. Also if you want to go to touristic Geiranger but not stay there, staying at Strynsvatn is ideal.
Even though the weather didn’t always cooperate (but hey, that’s the mountains!) we really enjoyed our time here. Next time we’re in Norway, we’ll come definitely back here, but then just a bit later in the season when all the roads are open and the hiking trails are more easily accessible.
Disclaimer: we were guests of Strynsvatn Camping however all opinions expressed in this article are entirely our own. Note that this blog contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through such a link, we may receive a small commission at no extra fee to you.


  • Serena

    Looks like an awesome place indeed!!
    Nature in Norway is so dramatic and beautiful, looks like something taken out from a legend.
    The cabin truly looks cosy, and I guess I wouldn’t have minded either to spend a day inside reading, surrounded by that amazing landscape.

    • anto

      We actually did spend quite some time reading there, it was just a perfect setting with the rain pooring on the roof and the view on the lake…

  • Claudia

    It looks so tranquil and relaxing that I want to go there – RIGHT NOW. Too bad the weather did not cooperate, but if you love rain like I do that is not a big deal 🙂

    • anto

      We are used to not having good weather and personally we don’t really mind because realistically, you just can’t always have good weather. It’s just a shame that photo’s don’t always turn out well …

  • Meg @ Mapping Megan

    WOW – seriously incredible photos – looks like heaven!! Strynsvatn Campsite sounds right up our alley – we love camping and it seems like a great oppotunity to experience the great outdoors! Such a magical setting!

  • Hannah

    My jaw drops a bit every time I see photos of Norway- it’s so incredibly beautiful! Perfect place to enjoy the outdoors. Love the first photo of the boat pulled up to the shore. After a stressful day I would be 100% happy if I were there right now, maybe with a good book like you guys did 🙂

  • Jenna

    Beautiful photos! We were in Norway last year and absolutely loved it! I would love to go back and explore more of the country though–Strynsvatn Camping looks like a great spot to check out!

  • Charli

    What picture perfect views. We spent a long time camping in New Zealand and I long to see more landscapes this way. Strynsvatn Camping is making its way onto my bucket list!

  • Alli

    That second last photo with the old canoe is so beautiful. I can hear the small waves gently lapping the side of that canoe now . . . so incredibly beautiful scenery!!!

  • Chris Boothman

    Strynsvatn Camping looks like a perfect spot to stay and relax whilst giving you a perfect location to head out and explore the gorgeous natural surroundings you are around. I remember staying in a cabin several years ago and they really are a great alternative to hotels yet offer a little more comfort than just roughing it in a tent. Thanks for sharing this experience with us, by the way the picture of the boat by the deck is a really great shot! Just increases my desire to visit Norway!

  • Nadine Hamel

    We are going at the end of May, early June and I see that you were also in Stryn in early June..were you able to drive the Trollstigen? What other roads or drives were you unable to do and what attractions? Planning this trip has been more of a challenge than I thought.
    Thank you for your help.

    • anto

      We didn’t get to Trollstigen. However, lots of roads were open but it really depends on the season, as well. Whether they have had little or a lot of snow. You can never be sure until you actually get there. As for attractions, we could do most, however just not a lot of hikes because there was still a lot of snow. We’d have loved to do various hikes but they were still closed. Only those on lower altitudes were open … It’s beautiful in this time of the year though because there are very few people traveling!

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