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Beautiful Iceland in pictures

“Why Iceland?”

That was the question many people asked me when I told them I was going back to Iceland again, for the 5th time.


“Because I love it”


That was my answer. Just to keep it short and simple. I didn’t feel like explaining myself again. I know there are people counting countries and proud of each milepost they reach upon entering yet another country. For me, numbers don’t count, I prefer to go back to a place I love with all of my heart rather than a new place just for the sake of getting my passport stamped again. So when my friend Sandra and I agreed that traveling to the US together was a bit too ambitious (moneywise and timewise) we picked Iceland instead. And why not? Iceland is gorgeous! In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone who doesn’t like Iceland …

It was my 5th time and still I’ve never been further than the triangle between Reykjavik, Landmannalaugar and Jökulsárlón. If I get the chance to go again, I’d do it … without hesitation. The Icelandic landscapes have something special about them, something majestic. It’s hard to explain … so I won’t try. Instead I’ll share my pictures. They are not perfect nor very good but hopefully they will give you an insight of why Iceland is such a special place…


Thursday 18 June – Take off / Blue Lagoon / Krýsuvík

The start of the trip was pretty exciting because we got to fly with Icelandair’s Hekla Aurora aircraft. Upon arrival in Keflavík we picked up the car and drove to the famous Blue Lagoon. After waiting in line for an hour (yes, really! and yet we pre-booked our tickets) we got in and bathed in the hot water for a while. After that we made our way to the Krýsuvík hot springs and from there we drove to our cabin Hella.


icelandair-collageBlue-Lagoon-collage krysuvik1krysuvik-warning


Friday 19 June – Iceland’s South Coast

The Icelandic South Coast is a must-see for everyone who is spending some time here. We kind of went crazy because we did “it all” in one day, two or three would have been much better. We traveled to Seljalandsfoss (where you can walk behind the waterfall and get soaked, just like us), then to the larger Skógafoss, did a glacier hike, went to Dyrholaey (where we found exactly one puffin) and from there we decided to move on to Jökulsárlon, the famous iceberg lake. I still can’t believe we drove 3 hours one-way to see it but man … it was totally worth it! Eventually we came back to our cabin at 01.00 am while it was actually still light outside…


selljalandsfoss-collage skogafosssolheimjokull-crevassejokulsarlon-collage


Saturday June 20th – Reykjavík and the Golden Circle

After sleeping in. we drove back to Reykjavik and went shopping at the Cintamani outlet. We had “soup in bread” for lunch on the Laugavegur, took a walk around downtown and had a Lamburger for dinner at Íslenska Hamborgarafabrikkan. By then it was 6.30 pm and we make our way over to the Golden Circle, one of Iceland’s most famous triangle of sights: Geysir, Golfuss and Thingvellir (and a bonus stop at Kerid crater). We ended our day at almost 02.00 am observing the midsummer light at the waterfront in Reykjavík… a perfect ending of a perfect day.


Golden-Circle-collage IMG_1710


Sunday June 21st – Lunch at The Laundromat

After being in bed late we decided to sleep in. At noon we met my Icelandic friend Birna for lunch in The Laundromat, which is one of my favorite places in Reyjkavík to go for lunch or something to drink. I couldn’t deal with another burger so instead I had the Latin avocado sandwich. After lunch we drove back to the airport and the trip came to an end …


I have made so many pictures (much better than those here) I could easily fill up all my social media channels for a year without using the same pictures twice. I haven’t even told you about the breathtaking views that we had on Iceland’s southcoast just before Hella or the magical feeling witnessing the midsummer light gave me. I haven’t posted any pictures of many things we did, but then this post would become endless. I will save them for later … the best is yet to come. And I’m in Iceland again, today in 4 weeks …

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