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August in pictures

Whoah! August is almost over and that means that the end of the summer is near. Time flew by and before we knew it, so did our trips. We’ve got plenty of new stories coming up for you as we spent no less than the whole month (pretty much) in nature and are very inspired to write and share our memories with you. For now, we’ll share a bunch of our favorite August pictures. Enjoy!

Martijn in Iceland
It was late July when Martijn left to Iceland for guiding a tour. He was gone for almost three weeks and more about Iceland will appear soon here. We just love the nordics!

Picture 1: Eldgjá in Iceland’s interior. It doesn’t get as many visitors as the sights on the ring road but it’s well worth making your way over for some hiking.

Picture 2: In front of the Skaftafell Glacier in the same name national park. Bet you twisted your neck when trying to take a proper look at this picture, no?

Picture 3: Typical Iceland: sheep, the flag and lava. Taken in Landmannalaugar, hiker’s paradise for sure!

eldgja skaftafell typical-iceland

Together in Luxemburg
When Martijn came home we traveled to Luxemburg together, for some “us-time”. We planned on doing plenty of hiking but unfortunately, the weather didn’t really cooperate so we did just 3 hikes and spent the rest of the time visiting towns and reading in our tent or underneath the tarp. We had a very relaxing vacation and even though we came home earlier than planned because everything was soaked, we had lots of fun.

Picture 1: hiking along the Our, on the border of Germany and Luxemburg. We’re still smiling after nothing but rain for 2 hours.

Picture 2: Our tent along the Our river. We only spent one night here before moving onwards but it was a very pretty location for camping.

Picture 3: We spent most of our time in the Müllertal, famous for its impressive rock formations.

Martijn in Switzerland
A climbing trip to the high mountains of Europe. Together with hisclimbing buddies (see Mission 4.000) he planned a week of mountaineering in the Swiss Alps. They spent a week in Wallis and had the best weather of the whole summer of 2014. They made it the summits of the Lagginhorn and the Weissmies and spend two nights in the Monte Rosa Hut.

Picture 1: This picture shows many off the high peaks (4.000m+) of Switzerland. A panorama shot of the Gornergrat glacier with the following peaks in the background (from left to right): Monte Rosa; Liskamm; Castor; Pollux; Breithorn and on the right the Matterhorn.

Picture 2: In the early Thursday morning with started with the climb of the Weissmies. Our path to the top of the mountain through the snow with the sun in our eyes.

Picture 3:  Summit photo of the Weissmies. In the background the Mischabel group is visible. You can recognize me with Angry Bird on my helmet.

gornergletscherweissmies-route-to-top weissmies-summit-photo

Anto in Finland
A bloggers trip for #outdoorsfinland! Along with a bunch of other bloggers Anto spent 4 days in the Saimaa region where she enjoyed the peace and grandeur of the Finnish landscape. We have a passion for the nordics and this was a perfect weekend out including fun stuff such as table curling and getting a Nordic Walking class.

Picture 1: Views of Lake Haukivesi in Linnansaari National Park. Here she spent some time boating, looking for the Saimaa seal and also making a small hike to this viewpoint on Sammakkoniemi island. She’d love to explore the hiking trails of Linnansaari more in the future!

Picture 2: Canoeing on Lake Haukivesi was one of the highlights of this trip. Just the water, the canoe and you … the silence was perfect and the weather really helped to make it picture perfect…

Picture 3: Sunset time! You haven’t been to Finland when you haven’t seen a sunset. This was taken at Lake Saimaa, just off the Punkaharju Ridge.

Linnansaari NP canoeingsunset

Currently, Anto is in Vienna but did not bring her laptop. So no pictures from that trip yet however they will appear elsewhere on the interwebs. We hope you had a great August and that it was as good as ours!

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