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You asked: what do I do if I have to poop while hiking in Iceland?

Hurrah to Google! Really, you rock. Because according to you, each month a number of people end up on our website, that googled something like “what do I have to do if I have to poop in Iceland while hiking” Or in “How do I poop when trekking in New Zealand”. Yes people, it’s true, I’m not kidding…  Google Analytics doesn’t lie.

As far as I can remember we’ve never written anything about pooping in the bush. Or maybe we did …

That’s not the point however. What interests me, is why the heck people are wondering about these kind of things. I mean, does anyone really need an explanation on how to do this? You’ve been doing it for all your life, pooping that is, so why bother to think about this now? Sure, we all have toilets, so pooping in the bush may be something new for you, but how do you think the poor people in Africa do their thing… They sure don’t have a toilet seat and a flush…

Even for me, someone who uses Google at least 100 times a day, it’s a mystery why you would google such a thing. Google knows everything so I’d be scared somebody would find out I’d googled it… never in my life would I google such a thing.

Sure, when you are on any kind of trekking, you will encounter the moment that you realize “shit, I have to go”. And in case you are in the wilderness, there’s most likely no toilet or outhouse around to lay down your number two. So my basic piece of advise for people who wonder what they should do and/or how they should do it, is just be prepared to poop. At anytime. The moment will come…

For those of you who thought I was actually going to explain how pooping in the bush works: forget it. I know little shame when it comes to talking about me, but talking about something like this, is one step too far. Instead, I found you a “pooping in the bush – flowchart” which may be useful with your quest on finding out how to do it.


Have a nice Sunday everyone! For once I’m not off hiking but I’ll be working instead. It’s that time of the year again… So you go and enjoy your Sunday a little bit for me, too. And in case you gotta go while out there, make sure you clean up after yourself. I hate to go hiking and finding used toilet paper…

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