Around the world in 100 flights

Greetings from Argentina folks! It’s almost one year since we12travel got redesigned and became famous *wink*. So while I’m here in Argentina, enjoying myself a lot (even though it’s for work) and during the looooong flight over here (2+14 hrs) I was reminded of a post I wrote before we got into serious blogging. I’ve redesigned it, added some new facts and pictures and will now share it with you on our Sunday Social Travel talk.


People often wonder if I don’t start to hate all the flying and the endless journeys I make to reach yet another beautiful place. The answer is simple: no, I don’t! To say that flying is one of my biggest hobbies would be the other side of the story but in general, I don’t mind it at all. Those hours on the plane allow me to sit back, relax, read, sleep, watch a movie, write my stories, just whatever I feel like doing, within reason ofcourse. I enjoy those hours I’m unavailble for my iPhone and there’s no communication with “back home”.

My last jouneys (those outside of Europe, back in 2012) were pretty time consuming and on average took anywhere between 20-24 hours. For the Yukon I flew Brussels – Montreal – Calgary – Whitehorse, for New Zealand it was Amsterdam – Singapore – Auckland, to Alaska I had the longest one ever which was Amsterdam – Houston (detour!) – Seattle – Anchorage and to Chile I flew Amsterdam – Madrid – Santiago, eventually on to Punta Arenas all the way down in Patagonia.

I can’t believe it when people say they hate flying. OK, I’m not a fan of waiting in an airport for hours, but then again, why not? This is the time that you can relax and no one wants something from you. There’s no things you MUST do and no one expects you to be available for them. (Unless you’re on a business trip) …

So why sob and complain, while you can look at the biggest variety of human beings passing by, read a book without being disrupted by your phone, watch planes come and go (my fave way to spend my time on an airport) and try the local cuisine.

Once on board, do you really dislike it that you are being served by someone who’s smiling, you get to see free movies and can read/sleep/write/nap/whatever without being disturbed… or do you just like to say you hate flying because everyone else “hates” it too?

My advice to everyone who hates flying: let it go! Look at it from the positive sides I mentioned above. Take advantage of the time on board to do whatever you want to do, or do that thing you never have time for at home such as writing a book, making sudoku’s or whatever. Just try to make the most of it, life is too short to complain and be annoyed. Live life and love it while it lasts!

Need more suggestions? Take a look at these snapshots and be inspired by how little you need to be having fun at an airport.

LAN chile
Time consuming: seeing your luggage be loaded (yes, it’s our green duffel!)
Being amazed by the sunrise above Seattle’s mountains
Having a mojito at Singapore Airport at Hard Rock Café
Visiting the Butterfly garden at Singapore
Trying to capture the Airbus A380
Seeying NYC in the distance from JFK airport
Go shopping or try food they don’t have at home
[Addition: now that blogging has become my second job, I seize the opportunity to write when at the airport or even when on board. While most people are watching movies or reading, nowadays I spend at least half of the flight either sleeping (when it’s a night flight) or writing. The best way to immediately note down what I experienced or what I want to write about…]

Oh and in case you are wondering, the cover picture was made during our flight from Buenos Aires to Santiago with KLM. The pilot announced that we would fly next to America’s highest mountain: Aconcagua. Even the whole crew was very excited because everyone was leaning over to the right side of the plane to take pictures…

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This post is a part of the Sunday Social Travel Talk series… each Sunday we’ll tell you something about a personal / private travel related topic. Go here to read the previous posts!


  • Mely

    What a great post! And I thought I was the only weirdo who actually enjoyed air and rail travelling time. I don’t travel as much as you, but still, I did not mind, even when I had to do it for work. There are so many ways to occupy your time (and imagination)! 🙂 The only thing I really mind about flying is the lack of room and having to sit for a long time (I tend to move a lot), but otherwise, it’s not something I dread.

  • Serena

    i don’t mind flying, i only dislike the fact that my ears get stuck, it’s a bit annoying, but well. oh, and the security checks; but that’s a minor part of the whole process.
    in generale i enjoy commutings (by plane, but also by train for minor distances) for all the reasons you have mentioned: you are not obliged to do *anything* and you have plenty of hours to do just whatever you like. i usually read, sign slams and i love have the chance to choose from many movies to watch on long flights. on my fly back from boston i’ve played who wants to be a millionaire *lol*
    and in the airports i enjoy exploring shops and observing people 😀

  • Wandering Carol

    No, I pretty much hate flying just because I hate it, not because others do. Unless of course the a) the movies are excellent b) it’s a window seat and/or c) it’s business class. Especially the business class. Fun article. Thanks!

  • Samantha

    I used to hate flying but I realized that I actually hate flying alone. With my boyfriend it is 10000000 times better! There’s nothing suckier than a 10 hour layover in the middle of the night by yourself!

  • Sammi Wanderlustin'

    I’d love to say you’ve convinced me, I suddenly love flying… alas no. I just don’t like not being in control, with my feet not being firmly on solid ground & lastly I dislike heights, & even suffer a touch of vertigo! If there were another equally quick way, I’d be on it!

    • anto

      Ah yeah, have to agree with you on that. I’m never comfortable giving away control. During one of my recent flights the plane just started shaking like crazy and I was ready to say goodbye… If they ever find a means of transport that’s equally fast, I’ll join you on it!

  • Meg Jerrard

    Great article! I know each time I fly that I’m in for a long haul int he one seat, so as you mentioned, I just look at the positives and catch up on ym new release movies!!

  • celeste

    I used to love flying, but it started being so hard on my body. Being cramped in an airplane for that long is no good. BUT, definitely worth it. Can’t get back home (Hawai`i) without it. Well, I can on a cruise ship, but you know what I mean. 🙂

  • Jenna

    Great post! Totally agree–focus on the positives and it can actually be fun. There are quite a few interesting things that you can find in airports–I always like checking out fun local restaurants!

  • Lauren

    These are great tips! I usually like to spend my time taking photos out the window, writing in my journal, or even doing some sudoku puzzles to pass the time. I’d likely bring some knitting to do (yes, I love knitting!) but I’m not sure if my knitting needles would make it past security! LOL

  • Claire

    This is all so helpful! I’m more of a nervous person in flight, than one who hates it. If I can get me some nap time in , then that’s what I’m gonna do! An eye mask was my genius purchase for my last 23 hour journey! Claire x

  • Chris Boothman

    I actually really enjoy flying and honestly the whole traveling experience, including the wait at the airport before and during connections! I frequently will add an extra connection just to experience another airport, plus I think it also helps to break up the really long flights e.g. to Australia, New Zealand etc. Definitely agree that who wouldn’t want to be served all the time, so when you are actually on board and being waited on it’s a good experience (plus you don’t feel compelled to tip, though I guess technically you have done with the price of the airfare!)

    Really great tips, thanks for sharing!

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