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And the winner is …

And the winner is … me!

My mum always used to say I am a fanatic person. Always in for a game, a bet or a challenge. I couldn’t stand to lose. I was always playing Rummikub with my aunt, beating my dad playing cards and winning from the older guys at marbles. Whenever I do something, I try to do it as good as I can. Not doing it right is not an option.

2013 was definitely my lucky year. I won two plane tickets to South America, I won a study trip to Canada and our blog was chosen to go on a press trip to Curaçao during the launch of the Travel Writers Manifest. I thought my luck had ended when the clock indicated 0:00 am on January 1st 2014.

“For a long time now I have tried simply to write the best I can. Sometimes I have good luck and write better than I can.”
– Ernest Hemingway

But, somehow my luck seemed to continue. I won a calender by Corinne Vail via Twitter, a Happy Flight Bag via HomeAway and an edition of Lonely Planet Traveler via Explorista. People kept on telling me: “wow – you are so lucky”…

Which is entirely true.

When coming home late last night, after a 12 hr day at work and a session at the gym to unwind afterwards, I found an envelope from HomeAway waiting for me in the mailbox. I thought they were sending me some kind of promotion after entering their bloggers contest. But when I read the letter they sent me, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was the actual winner of the contest. THE WINNER!

As in: You win!
                Your blog entry wins!
                                   We picked you!

First, I gave the letter to Martijn, who was like “sure … not again!” By that time I was bouncing around the livingroom and I showed him the voucher worth € 400 for a HomeAway vacation home … and we just couldn’t believe it. I have done it, again! And you know what, it’s not just the “winning” that made me happy but more the fact that my blog entry was chosen. That it was appreciated and found worthy to share with others. That people actually paid attention to it. It is a great honor to have won this.


Where I am going to spend it on? I’ve got no idea! First thing that came to mind would be a kick ass apartment for Sandra and me when visiting Los Angeles. But maybe it will be a place somewhere close to home for a week of total relaxation. Because that’s definitely something I’m gonna need after all the traveling coming up: a real vacation. A stay in a place from HomeAway!


If you are curious about the entry – please go here.
(It’s in Dutch)

Thank you to the people at HomeAway for choosing my entry. It’s much appreciated! I’d also like to say special thanks to everyone who was so kind to leave me a message on Facebook when posting I won. Hearing from you guys that I deserve it and that you enjoy reading our blog makes it worth it. Worth as in all the writing, sorting out pictures, thinking of stories, spending hours behind the laptop (in between trips and being outdoors, don’t worry, we’re still getting out) … Knowing that you enjoy reading us is what really matters and makes us very happy!



  • Serena

    Luck might surely have its part… but I do believe that luck can’t do much if it doesn’t meet talent and hard work.
    So I think all this luck you are having is nothing but deserved! And I hope you will keep on having more and more 🙂

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