Alaska week 1 in pictures

If you follow us on Instagram, it’s hard to miss that we’re currently in Alaska. I’ve been getting some questions about it so I’ll tell you a bit more about the how and why. I’m lucky enough to work in tourism and Alaska is one of my main destinations for sales and product management. So I generally get out there every couple of years. One and a half week ago I started my sixth visit to Alaska.


First, I traveled around by myself for 3 days, then I joined a group tour for 4 days and I’m curently doing office work from our local agent’s house. As for Martijn, he is assistant-guiding here for the first time and I joined his tour for the 4 days. I’ve got no time for blogging which is fine but I still wanted to share some pics of the last week. However, they won’t be the best ones (mostly Instagram ones or selfies) because the best ones are for my boss and the company I work for … I made a small selection though so you get an idea of what I’ve been up to!


Sunday 26 July

Flew to Anchorage from Iceland where I’d spend the previous day with a friend. The flight over was awesome, I saw Greenland, Arctic Canada and much more. I was reunited with Martijn for a couple of hours and my first dinner was (ofcourse) a burger …


Monday 27 July

I caught the Alaska Railroad to Talkeetna. It was raining most of the time though which was a bit of a shame but since I was traveling in Goldstar service I wasn’t bored for one single minute. In the afternoon I got on a bushflight to a remote Alaskan wilderness lodge, where I spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around and soaking up the silence of nature.


Tuesday 28 July

Time to head back to Talkeetna. Here I finally got to experience the famous cinnamon rolls from the Roadhouse. The are HUGE and delicious and no … I didn’t finish all of it, a traveller from Japan I met randomly took a bite with me. In the afternoon I got up to Denali, saw my first black bear of the trip and had a Northern Lights cocktail to forget about my sprained ankle that had been super painful ever since I left home.




Wednesday 29 July

My alarm goes off at 5.00 am as I’m taking a 14 hour bus trip into Denali National Park. Saw 8 grizzlies, 5 moose and a ton of caribou. And a squirrel that tried munching on my shoes. On the way up to the hotel, I finally got to meet the “Into the Wild” bus. Not the real one unfortunately because that one is still totally in the wild but maybe one day…




Thursday 30 July

I’ve joined the group and we’re driving along the unpaved Denali Highway all the way down to Chitina. Even though it’s still raining every now and then, the skies are gorgeous. The road leading up to Chitina, the Edgerton Highway, is perfect for a sitting on the road picture, which seems to have become a habit when traveling these days…


Friday 31 July

Finally getting back to McCarthy and Kennicott, my favorite towns in Alaska. They’re located in the Wrangell St. Elias National Park. On the McCarthy Road we find a coffeeshop also selling Rocky Road Icecream which I have to try of course. It’s chocolate with small marshmellows. Upon arrival at the park I join a tour through the historic Kennicott Mine and just hang out on the balcony enjoying the mountain views and dark colored Root Glacier.


Saturday 01 August

Time for ice climbing! Even though I have an ankle injury, the guides told me I could at least give it a try, since I had been hiking out for bits and pieces. It proved to be an awesome adventure. I couldn’t climb much but at least made it to the edge of a 30 meter wall and into a moulin which was super scary but adrenaline big time! I made my own ice tea and basically just had a great day out. Ice climbing definitely opened my eyes for a new adventure!

Alaska week 1 in facts:
– Bears seen: 8 grizzlies, 1 black bear
– Moose seen: 8 of which 3 calves
– Flights made: 2 with Icelandair, 2 on a floatplane with Alaska Bush and 1 with Ravn Alaska
– Distance covered on unpaved roads: 407 kms
– MB’s used of my 1.5 GB on the AT&T 4G network: 569 MB
– Pictures made: at least 1.000
– Mosquito bites: 15
– Burgers eaten: 3
– Visits to Snow City Cafe: just 1 (so far)
– Hours of sleep: about 5 each night on average
– Glaciers seen: tons!
– Handsome Alaskan men: none
– Hours of hiking on regular ground: about 10
– Hours of hiking on a glacier: 3
– Days I’ve worn shorts: 2
– Sitting on the road pictures: 5

By now I’m already in my second week but trust me, wifi is bad in Alaska. Buying an Alaskan simcard with 1.5 GB data has been a blessing so I could keep in touch with my friends and social media, however booting up the laptop has been troublesome. Which isn’t that strange though, given the fact that it’s still Alaska after all. See you next week!
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Thans for sharing!


  • Marieke

    Hé Anto en Martijn,

    Supergave headerfoto van deze blog! De Alaska in 1 week facts lijst is daarbij ook nog eens enorm indrukwekkend…mag ik de volgende keer mee??? Ben bang dat er nu toch iets is toegevoegd aan mijn bucket list, maar dan wel inclusief ijsklimmen, kanoën bij de gletsjer en de Harding Icefield lopen.

    Welkom terug, geniet van de jetlag en tot snel!

    • anto

      Hey Mariek – ohhh zet Alaska maar op je bucket list en ga heeeeeeel hard sparen. Of toch terug naar Askja en dan een keer op studiereis??

  • Meg Jerrard

    Sounds like an amazing week – I can’t believe you saw 8 grizzlies – so jealous! We camped in Denali for 3 nights recently and did 12 hour hikes every day to try and spot some wildlife, but sadly the only bears we saw were at the Alaskan Wildlife Conservation Center. Thems the breaks though I guess!

    Ice climbing looks like a wicked adventure, and that’s something I didn’t try. So I’ll have to get back to give it a go becuase it looks like you had a blast!

    So glad you had an enjoyable week in Alaska!

    • anto

      Yeah it was pretty awesome. Too bad you didn’t see any bears. I’ve been to Denali various times early in the season and indeed the bears generally don’t come out as much as they do later in the season. Ice climbing is awesome, I’m sure you’d adventurous folks would love it, too!

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