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From Alaska to Nepal and anything in between

It’s Saturdaynight 7.00 pm and in a minute I’m leaving home to go to my sister’s birthday party. And guess what? I still have no story for tomorrow. Nothing. Zero. Nada. A ton of ideas but no words on paper. So I figured that I’d just write about some random travel related things that kept me busy over the past week. I’ll write it today and see what I’ll post tomorrow. Could be all or just nothing.

The Iditarod – Alaska
The Last Great Race on Earth is starting this week. The Iditarod! I can’t believe it’s been 3 years since I traveled to Alaska in wintertime and I spent a week in the bitter cold of Anchorage and around. OK well I’ll admit, it wasn’t that cold. Sure, it was chilly but it wasn’t unbearable or so… I’d imagined Alaska to be colder in wintertime. What I did during this week (other than spending 2 x 24 hours on a plane, but that’s just another story which I may never even write) you can read in the blogpost I wrote last year. Somehow The Iditarod is always on my mind around this time of the year. You actually only realize the beauty of it once you’ve been there and experienced it…

Iditarod 064
Dogsledding in Girdwood

Last November I was in shock to hear that former Iditarod musher Dario Martinez killed himself. I rode with his sleddogs when visiting Alyeska and he was such a great guy, totally in love with his dogs. The whole story is pretty weird and it makes me feel restless….

Some of the best things that I still remember until today about this trip:
– I discovered Snow City Cafe in downtown Anchorage, a great place for breakfast and lunch!
– Unexpectedly meeting the Iditarod mushers in the Millennium Hotel. I was fascinated by Anna and Kristy Berington, female twins and probably younger than me, who turned out to be racing. I couldn’t help but think how cool they are for doing that. Here’s their website.
– Skiing at Alyeska, Alaska’s biggest ski-resort, and learing how to ea sushi in one of their restaurants.
– Dressing up in orange and running with reindeer through the streets of Anchorage. Yes, really…

Iditarod 114


Everest Base Camp – Nepal 
We booked our flights to Nepal… to see the biggest mountains on the planet! It’s pretty unexpected because we actually had other plans for this year’s “big trip” but sometimes things just don’t work out the way you planned them. So we decided to go to Nepal. Ever since I read Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer (see one of my previous posts) I became obsessed with Mount Everest. I always knew I wanted to go to Nepal but reading this book only speeded up the process. So here we are … going to Nepal!

We’ll be hiking the 17-day Everest Base Camp trek and the good thing about this trip is that everything will be booked for us. We’ll have our own guide and porter and other than walking, there’s nothing else we’ll have to do or prepare. Ah yes, I should get in shape. For real. But there’s still a lot of time for that since we’re only traveling at the end of the year. Let the waiting begin!



Wild & The Pacific Crest Trail
The book “Wild” by Cheryl Strayed is one of my favorite books ever. Last week, the movie finally came out and even though I was a bit skeptic about it (because generally, movies aren’t as good as the book… maybe only “Into the Wild” but I’m biased because I love Alaska) I just LOVED the movie. Hell, it even made me cry. Can you imagine me crying? Well, I never do. Unless I see “Into the Wild”. And now this one.  Reese Witherspoon is just magnificent. Forget Legally Blonde, she rocks as Cheryl Strayed. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, go! Needless to say, I now want to hike the Pacific Crest Trail even more. Yes, I would actually do what she did. Voluntarily!

I didn't know (1)


About my fear of flying
It’s not a secret I have a fear of flying.  Today I’ll tell you something and it’s up to you if you believe me or not …
I always used to watch Air Crash Investigation and that caused me to have nightmares in which I was witnessing a plane crash. So eventually I decided it would be better not to watch the show anymore and I kept my word, I haven’t seen an episode in years. Last Mondaynight I had the first planecrash nightmare again in at least a year, maybe even two. I checked the news first time in the morning after I woke up and was relieved to not hear anything about a planecrash. That evening when I was having dinner at my mother’s place and I was telling her and my grandma about Nepal, I also told them I’d been experiencing another plane crash nightmare. Only to find out the next morning, a plane from Istanbul to Kathmandu had crashed on the runway. The same flight we’ll be taking when flying to Nepal. Now I don’t believe in anything supernatural (call me the most down to earth person ever!) but it definitely made my eyes roll. Twice.

About today
I planned to tag along to Belgium with Martijn and his friends but since the weather reports announced that it will be 15 degrees and sunny (and everyone in Holland is ecstatic about it), I didn’t really fancy spending 2 x 3.5 hours in the back of a car while I could also be outside all day. So instead I’m going to take my new ride for a test drive. I picked her up on Friday evening (for those of you interested in bikes, it’s a Trek X 500) and plan to make good use of her tomorrow. Or in fact, today. I’ll see how far I’ll get but the idea is to cycle at least 60 km. That is, if my bum doesn’t mind. I’ve only just recovered from my ice-fall (yes, it took 3 weeks to be pain-free!) and don’t really look forward to have those pains back. Eventually she (the bike) is  going to travel to the other side of the world with me … but that’s for later.



Soooo … that’s basically all the news. Enjoy your Sunday and in case you’re from Holland: get your ass outside and enjoy what is promised to be the warmest 8th of March ever!

This post is a part of the Sunday Social Travel Talk series… each Sunday we’ll tell you something about a personal / private travel related topic. Go here to read the previous posts!

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