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Cool and adventurous things to do in Alaska – part 2

The story continues: another amazing list of adventurous things to do in Alaska in the summer

One of my most read posts over the past years definitely is my tips for Really cool things to do in Alaska. It seems like a lot of people have the desire to travel to this amazing place. I hope that one day they will be able to discover this amazing place for themselves. Last year I went back to Alaska for the seventh time and I discovered some really sweet and adventurous things to do in Alaska. I traveled around mostly by myself in some two weeks, did some work, met a lot of locals and basically had the time of my life. Here’s a second of list of really cool things to do in Alaska. Enjoy!

1. Go ice climbing

Ice Ice Baby! I couldn’t help but sing when I stepped onto Root Glacier in the tiny mining town of Kennicott. You may also have heard of this place when watching Edge of Alaska on Nat Geo. The towns of Kennicott and McCarthy are my favorite places in Alaska and it’s always a pleasure to be back there. This time I had the opportunity to go ice climbing, something I had never done before. It was AWESOME! Unfortunately, I bruised my ankle just a couple of days before heading to Alaska so I could only climb one wall and a tiny part of a moulin (which is where you go into the ice) but man … what an experience. You can read my full blog about ice climbing in Alaska here.
ijsklimmen in alaska ice climbing in alaska

ijsklimmen in alaska ice climbing in alaska

ijsklimmen in alaska ice climbing in alaska

2. Have a cocktail with glacial ice

You don’t need to be super fit to do amazing things in Alaska. One thing anyone can do is to go on a glacier cruise in any of Alaska’s sounds or fjords. In the past I already cruised in the Kenai Fjords National Park and Prince William Sound from Valdez, this time I cruised Prince William Sound from Whittier. It was a gorgeous day, the sun was shining and the glaciers were at its best. How else could I order myself a cocktail, sit on the deck and enjoy this amazing view? It was a gorgeous day out on the water! I did my cruise with Major Marine Tours and truly had a blast!
things to do in alaska

things to do in alaska

things to do in alaska

3. Go paddling between the icebergs on a sit-on-top from Seward, Alaska

Last time I went glacier paddling it was in a regular kayak, this time it was on a sit-on-top. As an earthquake had appeared just a week before my arrival in Seward, a huge chunk of ice had some off Bear Glacier and this meant lots of ice in the water. SO AMAZING! I shared my kayak with a man from LA who has a lot of paddling experience so he basically told me ‘you just enjoy, I’ll paddle’ so that’s what I did. It was super cold, misty and raining but my … it was gorgeous. All pics are made with my iPhone though so no great shots but I guess you get the idea!
Recommended accommodation in Seward: Windsong Lodge or Breeze Inn.
things to do in Seward Alaska

things to do in alaska

4. Stand underneath a glacier near Valdez, Alaska

OK this one should be done using caution because well yeah, it’s a glacier and they can be deadly. Officially I should not even be recommending this but then again, if I don’t do it, someone else will. So if you are heading down to Valdez on the Richardson Highway, you will come across Worthington Glacier. This glacier is retreating dramatically (I’ve been three times) and these days you can walk all the way up to the ice and actually stand underneath it. You will have to go off trail but since many people did it, I figured I could, too. Use extreme caution while doing this and again, I cannot be held responsible if a chunk of the ice comes down and crushes on you. Having said this, I’m not sure what the possibilites are for the next summer and note: this is ALWAYS entirely at your own risk!!!
Recommended accommodation in Valdez: Best Western Harbour Side
things to do in alaska

things to do in alaska

5. Hike to Harding Icefield in Kenai Fjords National Park

This was the one hike I always wanted to do. When my doctor said there would be no hiking for me after bruising my ankle, I was like ‘yeah, yeah’ knowing that I WAS going to do this. You don’t necessarily need to solo-hike it, but since I was all by myself, I figured I had no other option. The trail will take you up to the massive Harding Icefield next to Exit Glacier. It’s an amazing hike and you know what … it’s notorious for bears! Last time I hiked it, I saw a couple in the distance so I was pretty scared that I’d run into one. Luckily I didn’t and I turned out to be a great experience. Take bear spray though! Go here to read all about my solo hiking as a female in Alaska experience!
Recommended accommodation in Seward: Windsong Lodge or Breeze Inn.
things to do in Seward Alaska

things to do in Seward Alaska


6. Stay in a wilderness lodge

One of my most memorable experience from my last Alaska trip is staying at Caribou Lodge in the Talkeetna Mountains. It had been my dream for many years to go and during previous attempts I couldn’t make it, but this time I could. I got on a floatplane that took me to the lodge on a twenty minute flight and when it took off, I realized I was really in the middle of nowhere. The care takers Joe and Bonny live at the lodge year round and explained me all about living in the wilderness and what it’s like to live out there. I LOVED IT!
In the evening we took a short hike up to the higher point below the lodge and all I could think was ‘wow, I want to do this each day’. But unfortunately, the next day I had to catch a flight back to Talkeetna and I returned to reality. Heading to Caribou Lodge is also a great weekend getaway in Alaska!
This was my list of another great bunch of things to do in Alaska. I loved being back here and am kind of sad that it’s entirely on the other side of the world. In addition, it’s quite expensive compared to other destinations I love to travel to. I really hope I can travel back one day again and explore Alaska even further to discover more fun and adventurous things to do in Alaska for you!
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