Adventure and Adrenaline at Caracasbaai

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The first night after arriving to  a new destination is always a bit awkward. A long flight ( this time, with the brand new Dreamliner from Arkefly, how comfy can you get?), dragging your luggage around, a significant change from rainy weather to a warmer climate and ofcourse a big time difference. My first day on the tropical island of Curaçao starts with a sleepy drive through Willemstad and its most famous sights. Half way during the day however it was time to leave being tired behind, as I was about to head out for some adventure in Caracasbaai (“Caracas Bay”).


Caracasbaai is located in the southeast of Jan Thiel, a sururb of Willemstad. The bay has a beautiful and long sandy beach and is well known for the quiet waters and awesome snorkel- and diving possibilities.

Upon arrival the owner of Adrenaline Tours Curaçao is waiting for us. After a warm Bon Bini it’s time to change into our bikinis. Further into the bay lies a sunken boat that we are going to pay a visit.

The part of the beach where we enter the water doesn’t look very appealing at first sight. There’s a large ship anchored up here and has probably not moved in years, quite a depressive sight. We put on our flippers and clumsily step through the rocks, into the water.

The first dive into the water is quite refreshing and for a split second I wonder “snorkeling, how does that work again?” Ah yes, breathing in and out through you mouth only, don’t bother to try and use your nose. Quickly I get into the groove and swim to the spot where the boat is located. First I’m surrounded by small fish only but later on there’s big brothers all around me. Further down into the bay, we reach the sunken boat. How awesome!  Divers are surrounding the ship and take a closer look, that would be something I’d love to do one day (addition to our bucket list: learn how to dive).


After spending about 45 minutes in the water and having enjoyed the various fish and silence of the underwater world, it’s time to make our way back to the beach. Upon arrival it turns out I was stung by a jellyfish, completely unnoticed. The guide tells me I shouldn’t feel the pain anymore after about half an hour, however 3 days later my skin still has painful rashes. Must have something to do with my sensitive Dutch skin…


After the snorkeling it’s time for some real adrenaline, we’re going jetskiing. We are warned that the waves are pretty high that day so we have to make sure we don’t get into the waves sideways or we’ll be thrown off the jetski. After signing a waiver we’re off, first through some calm water but out at the open sea it gets quite rough indeed. The waves are at least 2 meters high and even though that may not sound very high, it’s quite a challenge for us. The salty water gets splashed into my face with big bunches at a time and I’m glad I’m at the back, my contact lenses don’t like the salty water and there for I have to keep my eyes closed for most of the ride.

Upon arrival at the Spaanse Water (Spanish Water) it’s much calmer. Here we can go ahead with full power. We are amazed by the big villas that are located here and from time to time the sun peeks through the clouds. After making a tour all around the bay it’s time to head back to Caracasbaai. The waves seem less rough on the way back but still our jetski has to work hard to move forward, even on full speed it doesn’t move forward very fast.


Back on land it’s pure bliss to take a quick shower and get rid of all the salt in my contact lenses. We say goodbye to our guides and cross the street. Here we are being served a very tasty lunch at Serka Norman’s. If you are looking for an authentic experience for food or just some drinks, make sure you go here!


The rest of the afternoon we hang out at the Zanzibar beach where the atmosphere is very comfortable. I close my eyes and listen to the crashing of the waves. Later on, a magical sunrise makes me realize how lucky I am to be here. A perfect ending to a day on, at and in the water.

zanzibar-collage sunset-zanzibar

I was invited on this trip by Curaçao Tourist Board. The photos of the snorkeling and jetskiing were kindly provided by Marloes of Travelvalley.

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  • Hannah

    Curacao looks gorgous and Caracasbaai (thats seriously fun to say) sounds like a great place with all those water activities. I’m with you on the contacts being with the water sports though- so annoying!

  • Charli

    Aquatic adventure activities are my favourite! I’m a really keen scuba diver and would have loved to explore the wreck you swam over. We’re currently on Barbados and are contemplating visiting some of the other islands here, thanks for the inspiration!

  • Chris Boothman

    Looks like you really had an amazing time in this part of Curacao. I know a couple of people that have taken a cruise here and really loved it, emphasizing the beautiful beaches and the awesome snorkeling opportunities that are available. I am no expert in this field but would certainly love to learn in this part of the world. Great selection of images that you included also! Thanks for sharing these with us.

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