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A personal update and fun things coming up!

Hi friends!
Do not worry, I have not disappeared from the edge of the world. I realize it has been quiet on the blog for a while and this is with good reason. I also realize that my blog about almost being blog burned out may have scared a few of you and that was never my intention. I basically wrote it to warn others not to become like me but instead I received massive concern on both the Dutch and English blog which was bit overwhelming. I haven’t replied to all the comments I received because it got a bit too emotional at some point. I have read and totally appreciate all of your kind words though, please keep that in mind!
Although I may not have been visible here, I’ve decided that in May I would spend most of my time behind the scenes of We12travel. Those of you who follow my personal Instagram may have noticed I’ve started investigating SEO and user experience. When we changed to the current version of our website back in November 2015 I never took those things into consideration but it was about time. I’m still working on this and you may not notice significant changes but they are there. Hopefully, Google will appreciate them, too.
And then there was the incredibly sad news about a relative of mine passing away completely unexpected. Out of respect to his close family I’m not giving any details here, but this knocked me out for a while. Death is something I have trouble dealing with. Not just the fact that someone is permanently gone, but also the whole ‘is there life after death’ thing. The thought of this can seriously screw me up for a while and has done so in the past. I generally need a while to see the sense of life again…
Luckily there are always great new things to look forward to. I made a short trip to the Spanish Extremadura Region last weekend where I went solo-hiking. This region is generally unknown but it’s gorgeous. More about that coming up soon! As you’re reading this, we are exploring the Dutch Salland region together on a blogtrip. Follow us using #InSalland on Instagram and Twitter. By the end of June we’re heading to Iceland and I can finally let you know I’m heading back to South America for work in September. More on that later though!
Initially I planned to make May hiking month (just like last year) but needless to say, the timing was horrible. So I bumped that forward one month and now June will be all about hiking on the blog. I’ve already written many stories and I’m looking forward to sharing all our hiking tales with you! In addition, there’s something really cool coming up in terms of the whole outdoor thing but I can’t say more about that until it’s June. So stay tuned and … have a great Sunday!
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