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5 Reasons why you should really go on a hiking vacation

Our ultimate list with reasons why you really should go on a hiking vacation

Ever since the launch of this website, my aim is to give outdoor a more trendy image among young (Dutch) people. Somehow, it still has a bit of a dusty image here which is a bit strange. A while ago I read an article on the website of Annemerel, a very popular Dutch lifestyle blogger, with reasons why walking is the new running. I sighed with relief because to me, this seemed like a sort of turning point in the history of walking in The Netherlands. Whether that is actually true or not I don’t know, but here are my reasons, why you should definitely go on a hiking vacation at least once in your lifetime!

1. You get to experience nature like nowhere else

When typing this title I had to think of a moment we had in Yellowstone National Park, where we ended up in a traffic jam. At first we had nu clue why, but then it turned out there was a black bear next to the road. I felt incredibly sorry for the bear as he seemed to be very uncomfortable with all those people hanging out of the windows of their cars to get him on camera. Earlier that day we had been hiking and we actually ran into a bear on the trail. It was not the smartest moment ever but after making eye contact for a short while, he took off and went his own way and so did we. Up until today it remains one of the most impressive moments of all of my hiking journeys.
beer in yellowstone

2. You don’t have to think about anything

I generally really enjoy arranging all my trips by myself. I’ll first book the plane tickets, then the vehicle and from there I spend hours, no days figuring out the rest of the trip. When you go hiking, it’s much more convenient to book everything in one package with an operator, rather than making all your own arrangements. You can either do this individually or while hiking with a group, the good thing about it is that you don’t have to make any arrangements on the spot anymore. All you have to do is get out and hike. Easy as that!
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3. You get to places where you otherwise would never get to

This one seems pretty obvious and I don’t think it needs any further explanation. However, I can’t help but still give you an example. Iceland would be my preferred example because this place is overloaded with tourists these days. Everyone ‘does’ Iceland for a weekend or along the way to Europe to/from the USA and Canada. When I visited Iceland for the first time ten years ago, most people never even heard of it. These days, it’s on top of everyone’s bucket list and it’s extremely crowded. On the Ringroad that is, once you get to the interior, it will be more quiet. Tomorrow I’m leaving to Iceland again, for the seventh time. Just because the rhyolite mountains of Landmannalaugar will be stunning nonetheless. Just because the silence and wilderness of Iceland can only be really experienced when you leave the Ringroad. Just because nothing beats bathing in a hot stream along the way when hiking. And nope, that cannot be done if you don’t move your feet!

4. You make friends for life

Hiking and pushing yourself to the limit makes up for great companionship. When walking in a small group, which we did on the Inca Trail for example, you hang out with each other for days. Sometimes you even end up telling each other things you wouldn’t even tell someone at home, you never see each other anymore anyway. In our case, we are still in touch with Cassandra whom we walked the Inca Trail with and on our recent hiking trip in Tasmania we met some amazing people we are still in touch with. Likeminded people are sometimes definitely the best to hang out with, especially when it comes to hiking!

5. This is when you really learn to push your limits

Forget training sessions with a webinar or a lifestyle coach. Forget selfhelp books and motivation quotes on Instagram. You will only really learn to push on when you actually have to do it. When I hiked the Everest Base Camp Trek last November I knew it was going to be tough. However, since I got a major food poisoning it only got worse. I had to hide behind a rock or tree every hour and run to the squatting toilet at night, for no less than seven days in a row. SEVEN! Our guide told me that it would have been OK for me to give up, but I didn’t. I just had to reach Everest Base Camp. Don’t get me wrong, I was never out of line or endangering myself, however I learned what it’s like to really push on. Not just for an hour when at the gym, but for days in a row. I literally dragged myself across the trail, not without losing myself every now and then. The giant feeling of euphoria I got when I finally reached EBC is indescribable. I tried it however, you can read it here!
Have I convinced you that you really should go on a hiking vacation one day? Grab that pack and just walk for days? Then visit Vakantieboulevard where a large portion of Dutch operators specialized in hiking vacations are listed. You will find reguar hiking vacations as well as multi day treks here.
[This article was written in cooperation with Vakantieboulevard. All opinions and experience are of course my own.]  
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  • Curious Claire

    I’ve only just started getting in to hiking and I already can see it becoming an addiction. I went to Zermatt last week and the views were just stunning. It’s true that there are some places you can only get to hiking and they seem to be the best places!

    • anto

      Ahh Zermatt is amazing for hiking! We’re off to the Alps in a couple of weeks and can’t wait to head back out again!

  • mark and kate

    Not bad reasons for hiking and like you said, it’ll really get me places that otherwise I would never go. For the time being, though, I must get myself ready for it physically to endure even the easiest hike but I would love to hike soon.

  • Grey World Nomads

    I agree that hiking is great but I don’t like to hike in groups as I need to maintain my own pace. Big groups are a nightmare like the one to the Lost City in Colombia.

  • Carly

    Totally agree that you get to places you wouldn’t otherwise get to! Hiking is something I enjoy but don’t do nearly enough of.

  • Meg Jerrard

    I totally agree with you – hiking vacations have led to some of the most stunning landscapes we wouldn’t have otherwise seen, and some of the most memorable experiences that we would not have had elsewhere. I think that they’re also a wonderful way to connect with your partner or friends, or group, in a way which other experiences don’t allow.

  • Travelwith2ofus

    I have been hiking on many occasions, but I will be the first to admit that I am not really passionate about hiking. I would say it’s probably hovering at the bottom of my list of top 10 activities.

  • Vicky and Buddy

    I will admit, I was never into hiking until I lived in Colorado. I’m a city girl, so I had never really had the chance to do it. But while in Colorado, I gave it a shot. They weren’t long hikes, but I still enjoyed them.

  • Hikerjack

    Who has never tried should definitely swim in a mountain stream, as shown in the picture above, the current and cold water will give you a burst of energy.

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