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5 magic moments: Rothaarsteig in pictures

While many people were stuffing themselves with Easter brunches and chocolate eggs over the past couple of days, we chose to get out and get some fresh air into our lungs. Although we’ve been doing various trips since 2015 started, none of them were together so it was good to get away for a couple of days. And instead of gaining weight, we walked about 60 km on the Rothaarsteig through the mountains so I’m pretty sure (although I’ve not measured) that we didn’t add the slightest bit of fat …

Here’s last weekend’s 5 best moments in pictures – all taken with my iPhone and un-photoshopped…

1. Arrival into the snow
We knew there was going to be a bit of snow left but didn’t realize it would be this much. According to some locals we talked to, a fresh pack had fallen a couple of days earlier. Upon arrival at the start of our trekking, we were pretty amazed by the amounts left …


2. Playing in the snow
Sure, I know we’re well in our thirties but that doesn’t mean you always have to behave like that, right? At least for me, so when I said I wanted to make a snow-angel: Martijn said: “uhm, aren’t you going to be cold and wet?” But I didn’t care. This was probably my last chance of the season to make a snow angel, although it wasn’t really deep enough for that…

3. Being back in the mountains
Even though I am sure that with an average altitude of 700-something meters above sealevel, in many places it doesn’t qualify as a mountain-range, it’s the best we can get within a reasonable amount of driving (more or less 2.5-3 hrs). So it’s always good to be back in this Rothaargebirge again, in what we would like to call the mountains.


4. Last snow of the season
Even though you can never be entirely sure, esp. now that I’m a travel blogger who gets invited on various trips on the very last minute, I assumed this was our last weekend in the snow for the year. Which was fine though because it’s about time spring will start. However, being treated with a fresh and unspoilt (read: un-peed in) pack of snow combined with the smell of pinetrees, felt like a real treat.


5. Sunrise in the woods
And then the most magical moment of the weekend: the sunrise in the woods. Taken close to the town of Latrop at about 09.30 am, we were surprised by the sun peeking through the trees and slowly waking up the world. For us, nature sometimes doesn’t get any better than this…


So that was it … we’ll write more about this weekend later on. For now, it’s time to start waking up properly (it’s 7.00 am) and spend some last hours with our Icelandic friend Birna who stayed with us from Monday on as she was visiting The Netherlands.

OK and I’ll add one selfie. Because I didn’t carry my selfie stick around for nothing the whole weekend …


Not sure if we’ll be out hiking next weekend (let’s call it a giant backlog of things to be done at home) but who knows … if you want to read all of our Walking Wednesdays, please click here.

Thanks for sharing!


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