2013 in pictures

We are not going to be sentimental, for us it’s good that 2013 is almost over. In 2013 Anto won trips to South America, Canada and Curaçao, in 2014 it’s time to get out there and explore!

After publishing 2013 in selfies earlier on, here is a selection of our favorite pictures that we took during our travels in 2013. Not necessarily great quality but just places that we loved being or that remind us of special memories we have.

This one was taken in Drenthe where we camped during Easter (= normally spring time!). We woke up with a thin layer of snow on our tent which is not very common during this time of the year. The canal was covered with a layer of ice and the landscape was sunny yet grey. A typical Dutch landscape in “winter” time.

We took this one during a weekend in Kellerwald, Germany. Martijn went on a mountain biking race with his friend Frank and Anto hiked a part of the Kellerwaldsteig, where she passed this abandoned shed.

After a cold spring, were rewarded with good weather in the US where we traveled in June. This one was taken at Mesa Arch in Canyonlands NP. Curious how to get this? Go here

mesa arch 5
During our visit to Yellowstone NP we had a close bear encounter. It was “just” a black one but still, it scared us while it was chasing us down the trail. Many Europeans are not used to big wildlife : – )

yellowstone 003
That’s us in Monument Valley. Even though we heared mixed stories about it, we ended up enjoying it a lot. It’s quite surreal …

valley 4
Two shots from almost the same angle at Mormon Row, Grand Teton NP. The one with the shed was taken at sunset, the one with the bisons just after sunrise. Just decide for yourself which one you like better!

mormon row tm tetons 285a

One of the glaciers that was crossed during Martijn’s C2 mountaineering course in the Stubai Alps in Austria.

Picture taken during Martijn’s trip up to Boval Hütte in Switzerland with a view of the Morteratsch Glacier. Although not making it to the top as planned because of the poor weather the day after, just this view was well worth the drive.

A lonely cabin at Mittersee in Austria, taken while hiking there. Looks like a perfect place to retire to for us …


Trips that we took but didn’t make it up here were London, Berlin and some hiking trips within our crowded yet beautiful little country.

Which picture do you like the most?

And for now we’d like to say ..

All the best for 2014 – may all your travel dreams come true!



  • Nina in Holland

    Wow! Great shots! I like the Monument Valley the best, but the buffalos one is so pretty also. I wish I could have seen these places with my own eyes too. Maybe some day 😉 I keep on dreaming.

  • Estella Stefee

    Wow, I really do not know which one(s) to choose.
    The lonely, lovely, cabin at Mittersee in Austria, has its own cosy appeal…and the colours around it. But also the double shadow selfie is cool. AND…the buffalos!! Just reminds me of that U2 videoclip to ONE. <3

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