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20 national parks: Friesland in pictures

How much can you do in less than 72 hours? A lot – at least, that’s what we’ve experienced during our recent trip to Friesland, one of the northernmost provinces in The Netherlands. We went there to experience two national parks: De Alde Feanen and Drents Friese Wold. Soon we’ll be actually writing blogs about our trip but first up, an overview of our weekend in pictures, covering only some of the highlights.


Day 1 – De Alde Feanen

Our first day was spent in de Alde Feanen National Park, which is best accessible from the water. Upon arrival, these goats immediately started chasing me for the food that I had in my bag, as we planned on having a picknick somewhere along the way. After a short hike, we spent the rest of the day on and near the water: first in a canoe, then while having dinner at the waterside and at night on a sailingboat, watching the sunset while listening to historic tales by the sailor.


anto-picturing-goats de-alde-feanende-alde-feanen-canoeingfriesian-deserton-the-ship


Day 2 – De Alde Feanen & Drents Friese Wold

The next morning we woke up super early to catch the sunrise above the water, which turned out to be quite a good idea. We spent most of the morning exploring De Alde Feanen by foot and E-Scooter and in the afternoon, we drove to Drents Friese Wold. Here we spent an afternoon in a tree adventure, or at least Martijn did. Unfortunately I had to pass because of my ankle injury but I had a lot of fun filming and picturing him… 

de-alde-feanen-sunrise de-alde-feanen-windmillde-alde-feanen-hikingde-alde-feanen-berries martijn-klimbos


Day 3 – Drents Friese Wold

When we wake up it’s gloomy but once we make our way back to the national park, the sun begins to shine. We rent mountainbikes and explore Drents Friese Wold by bike: the best way to do it because this particular mountainbike trail turns out to be in the top 10 best MTB tracks in The Netherlands. Unfortunatey, we don’t have lot of pics but … we do have some good videos, which will be online very soon! As we visited during the end of the summer, we were happy to still find some heath in bloom AND find the first red mushrooms of the season at the same time!

drents-friese-wold drents-friesche-wold-mountainbiken drents-friesche-wold-mushroom
This was a very short impression of our visit to these two parks. As promised, more blogs will follow soon including tips for overnights, where to eat, what activities to do and much more. So stay tuned! For now, if you want to learn more about Friesland, go to the official Friesland.nl website which is actually in English!
Have you been to Friesland? And did you know that The Netherlands actually has 20 different national parks?
[Our visit to Friesland was in association with Merk Fryslan. As always, all opinions are entirely our own.]  
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