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About We12travel

Hi! Welcome to We12travel (“we want to travel”). My name is Antonette and I’m a Dutch writer, hiker and world traveller.

After having made various round the world trips and living as a digital nomad for the past seven years most of the time, in the summer of 2023 I bought a house in Swedish Lapland, where I nowadays spend most of my time.

On We12travel you will find my personal stories of the journeys I make and I share my passion for the outdoors, nature and hiking. I’ve been writing on We12travel since 2011 and am one of the longest running personal outdoor and hiking blogs currently still active.

I will help you find the best hikes in the world, either short walks or multiday hikes. As a solo traveler I’ve hiked more than 50 multi day hikes across 5 different continents. I share my experiences about solo adventuring in the outdoors and encourage other females to live a more adventurous life.

Are you Dutch? Then make sure to visit the Dutch section of my website!

Best multiday hikes in the world

Over the past 20 years I have hiked more than 50 multi day hikes in five different contintens. I’ve gathered my favorites in this blogpost, from the Dutch Mountain Trail to the Everest Base Camp Trek and everything in between.

Solo hiking as a female

Most hikes I’ve done, I’ve made solo. Yes, that’s all by myself! Is that something you wish you’d have the courage for? Or want to read my tips and tricks how I prepare for safe solo female hiking? Then check my blog below!

Book your accommodation

Want to be well prepared for your trip? And leave home free of worries? Make sure to book your accommodation ahead to avoid being disappointed and/or having to hassle along the way. I use Booking for my reservations!

Freedom camping in Sweden

Sweden is my new homecountry and over the past decade I’ve spent the majority of my summers backpacking around Sweden. I’ll tell you all about the Swedish every man’s right and the rules of freedom camping in Sweden.